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“Heaven and Hell Within My Skull” by Lumina H. I create Heaven and Hell within my skull In which Paradise or Chaos I live you cannot tell The Heaven that exists within my skull is prone to rust Because Heaven to me is a tranquil scene where the cool ocean waves roll beneath my naked feet A perfect scenario where all my worries and doubts fade to dust A love story where you and I finally meet. But the Hell that exists within my skull is always here Even in the midst of such beauty in this world that I see Even when everything seems to be okay outside my sphere I fall into a trap within my own prison cell, unable to break free. Because without the One who holds the keys to my dark cell I am shaking and hiding under my sheets and pillow I imagine being eternally stuck in a pitch black room, being unwell Where all dream, hope and peace is shut away from my window Where I cannot break away from the horror I bloomed. Only He can stop the sound of the Beast`s roar Only He can come and open my locked door He will liberate me into a new paradise that I`ve never been before Into a new heaven where I could never wish for more.
This is incredibly powerful, my goodness. Thank you for sharing!
Loved this thanks!!!
Awwww thnk u! I wrote it to encourage optimism!!