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Umm ummm....I got to hurry hurry hurry!! So busy busy busy busy!!! Random words random words....djfklad; jd;alkfpdkafjdl Tired! Busy! Have. To. Finish!!!!! Ummm ummmm..... Please enjoy!!!! These are my results for this scavenger hunt....Umm....And done!!!!

1. BIGBANG fan art- Minimum of 5 examples.

Amazing. Adorable. Perfect!!!! What else do I need to say about these?? I really want to be able to draw stuff like this in the future.... >.>

2. Video of Daesung portraying a woman.

Oh my god!!!! I kept seeing memes of this and finally I found the video of it!!!! Oh my god, I couldn't stop laughing when Daesung was spraying himself and the plant and kept saying, "Smell!" So funny! I'm so glad I found this video cx

3. Least attractive pictures of each member of BIGBANG (in your opinion).

I'm sorry, I just don't find any of them appealing in these pictures. G-Dragon (from Bad Boy MV) just looks like a swaggy person and I'm sorry, that's not attractive to me :l And TOP....Do I even have to explain? And I just can't handle Taeyang's chocolate twinkie hair, I just can't XP I'm sorry, I just don't like Daesung with his hair in his face. Like, he's adorable!!!! Why does he have to cover his face and become blind in the process?? And I just don't find Seungri's super short hair appealing, it doesn't look good.

4. 5 gifs of TOP eating.

Why are all of these gifs of TOP eating so appealing and makes me love him even more? Stop being a bias wrecker TOP!!!!

5. Picture, video or gif of any BIGBANG members with non-YG idols.

I put these pictures in the last scavenger hunt I did, but I just can't!!!! It's adorable Chanyeol and Sehun with Seungri!!!! I just can't!! Look how adorable they all look!!!! Like, oh mai gard!!!!

6. Pictures of 3 items you would like to give Seungri and why.

1. A hug of course!!!! I said this for Daesung, but I want to hug them all!!!! Please, hugs for everyone!!!!
2. A Big Bang cake because cake makes people happy and all of the Big Bang members deserve to be happy!!!! Cake!!!! :D
3. Panda Underwear!!!! ....I have no idea why I searched this up but I definitely would give the Panda of Big Bang panda underwear, cause why not????

7. Video of BIGBANG giving an acceptance speech at an awards show. Video MUST have English Subtitles.

I think this counts as an acceptance speech.... I really hope it does. I'm glad they got this award, they truly deserved it.

8. Picture or video of G-Dragon wearing designer clothes and a picture/video of the clothes on the runway or in an ad for that designer.

I don't know much about designer clothes, so I hope I found a good one. It makes sense that the fashion queen of Korea would wear designer clothes every now and then next to his crazy outfits.

9. Video of any BIGBANG member's house, with interior shot. The BIGBANG dorm does not count.

I seem to have only been able to find Taeyang's house....And it's kind of old. Sad, I really wanted to find one of GD's house....Ummm....I'm going to stop myself right there.

10. BIGBANG dance practice videos - 2 examples.

The dance practices for Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby. I wanted to see a dance practice for their song, Sober, but they don't have one D:

11. BIGBANG reaction video of any kind. Explain why you chose this particular video.

I chose this video because JRE's pretty funny and also because Sober is my favorite song by Big Bang. Most people know that by now because of how many times I say that, but it's true. So I had to choose this video because of that, oh and because his reaction is pretty funny XD I mean, the video itself is crazy and weird so of course his reaction is funny cx

12. 5 Taeyang memes, at least one cannot involve Taeyang being shirtless or having abs.

Awww memes. What would we do without you? :)


13. Guess my favorite BIGBANG subunit/member collaboration song. Please include a MV, lyric video, fan video, etc... with your guess.

Ummmm is it I Need a Girl by Taeyang and G-Dragon???? I don't know, it seems like a song that people would put the lyrics up on the wall. I'm probably wrong, but whatever cx
Hurry hurry!!!! I have to finish this as soon as possible!!!!! I have to sleep and and get things done the next day!!!! I'm so so busy this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Argggghhhhhhh!!!!!!! Well ummm I hope you guys enjoyed this and please try it out yourselves....Well the ones in the future. Ummmmm ummm I gotta run!!!!!!! Byeeeeee!!!!!
"It’s hard for me to be sober. I can’t do anything. I hate being sober. I can’t fall asleep without you."
-Sober by Big Bang

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