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Another great episode of Snow White with the Red Hair!! I can't get enough of this show - the plot is moving on at a nice pace, we get good character depth and development each episode, and it's always a joy to watch! From cute moments to funny moments to bittersweet ones, I think this show covers it all.


for Season 2 Episode 9....you've been warned!

When Trow was propositioning them all,

and Shirayuki totally didn't get it, I was cracking up!! So funny of her to be like "wow she didn't want me either," hahah!
A manga reader pointed out that the dialogue actually went something like this:
Trow: If you change your mind, let me know. Male or female, it doesn't matter
Zen: ...so she swings both ways.
Obi: But not in my direction.
Zen: That's cuz you're so sketchy.
Shirayuki: Me too? (with an excited expression on her face)
Zen: Of course you too....

So funny either way!!!! I burst out laughing.

I really love Trow!

This series has so many strong women (I think I'll write a card on that some day...) and even if I think Trow is a bit misguided in what she thinks is right & wrong, she's still great. She knows what she wants, she's confident, she's powerful, and she's just fun!!!

Everybody Wants Kiki x Mitsuhide

...though Kiki's suggestion of an Obi x Mitsuhide ship was hilarious!!
There were so many cute moments with Kiki & Mitsuhide. Even Trow thought Mitsuhide was taken by Kiki, Zen is OK with them, and Obi clearly ships it! I'm glad that everyone in the show wants that relationship to develop as much as I do.

Shirayuki thinking Kiki is beautiful was so cute!

Seriously, I was just squealing. I'm this episode didn't get too fan servicey with the bath scenes, but instead used it as a way to point out something it rarely does -- just how beautiful Kiki is! Inside & out ;) She's super wise, always giving great advice, and very perceptive of how things are working around her.

Who does Obi love?

As you probably know, I've spent the last few eps enjoying the show, but also feeling really bad for Obi :( I just want him to feel comfortable & loved & happy, and finally I feel that way!
While I do think Obi has romantic feelings for Shirayuki, I also think he just flat out loves Zen & Shirayuki, both individually and as a pair. They're the people who most put faith in him when no one else was, and I think he has found a "home" in being with them. While it might not be the romantic relationship I want for him, I think there's still time for us to get a character just for him if he wants one ;) For now, I think he's good being happy with just Zen & Shirayuk & Kiki & Mitsuhide....I mean, what more could he need?


It looks like they've animated some marriage talks next ep that seem to skip parts of the manga (from what I've heard) but we'll have to see what arc we end up on!! I'm so excited to watch more @.@
Tagging some friends who are also keeping up with this series ^^
I've really enjoyed this anime for many reason but I love that we have been getting a lot of background character development and establishment. Their bonds become even more solidified through process. Glad they did this episode and the last ^.^ does anyone else find that every episode seems to go by sooooo fast? hah
*Spoiler* But.. Kiki even said she liked Mitsuhide in the Manga..
@littlemaryk SERIOUSLY so fast!!! I wish they were 3x as long hahaha
thanks for tagging me!!! I really your cards on this series because akagami no shirayukihime is one of my favorite ongoing anime!!! your prediction was right that this episode would be about Obi!
they did skip around a bit in the manga a bit but have faithful animated a lot of the parts i did want to see. I really did enjoy seeing this episode because obi is one of my favorites. I am looking forward to this next episode
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