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Rehearsal Dinner: Passed Appetizers
We talk so much about the actual wedding day. But we have to remember that when you're engaged, it's about an entire wedding season. There are tons of events to attend and things to plan. It's not always just about the ceremony and the reception.
Let's talk about the food at your rehearsal dinner. This could be something small or big, depending on the style of wedding and the number of out-of-town guests. (Yes, it's always a good idea to invite your guest visitors to the dinner/party after the rehearsal.)
I thought it'd be a swell idea to serve passed appetizers during cocktails that comprise chill-good food. Stuff that you'd love to gorge on, but really shouldn't!
As you can see in the photo, there's crusty grilled cheese sandwiches, sliders and mini mugs of beer! Sounds pretty amazing if you ask me!
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Thanks! @Alywoah Me too. The grilled cheese is what did it for me
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Yeah, this is definitely what I could see myself having at my wedding.
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This is great! I love the mini mugs of beer and the tiny sandwiches! I would definitely do this at my wedding. It's so cute!
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