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Lee Min Ho Hong Kong Star Talk Exclusive Interview (May 2013)

Lee Min Ho Hong Kong Star Talk Exclusive interview 130529 [Translation] Interviewer: What is your impression of Hong Kong? Minho: I feel Hong Kong is a romantic City as it is surrounded by the sea. Interviewer: Is there anything you want to eat or any place you want to visit in Hong Kong? Minho: I want to try dim sum. I have been to Macau four years go during BOF shooting, so if there is a chance, I will like to go Macau for sightseeing. Interviewer: Say something to your Hong Kong fans. Minho: I seldom have chance to come to Hong Kong and feels bad about that but will have many good projects for everyone and also wait for my new album release. I will try to arrange some activities so that everyone can participate and have some memories together. Interviewer: Have you think of learning Chinese so can communicate with your fans directly? Minho: I always think that I should learn Chinese well but language is not something that you can master it easily. I have learned before but it’s not easy and I have tried my best but needs a lot of time. Interviewer: Since you come to Hong Kong, you must learn some Cantonese for your fans. Let me teach you. In Korea, the word is “Saranghaeyo” and she taught Minho “I love you” in Cantonese. She also said he must speak these words to his fans whenever he comes here. Minho: “I love you” in Cantonese. Interviewer: It is said that Lee Min Ho’s handsome look can be compared to the statue of David, what do you think? Minho: Of course I do not think so. Maybe is because when I was a rookie, the most popular projects [Boys over Flowers] gives a very strong impression so they might think I look like that. Interviewer: Which part of yourself do you like most? Why? Minho: Should be eyes. It’s because when I am acting, I will put in a lot of emotions in eye expression so I feel fans should like this. Interviewer: Minho learned Cantonese just now and don’t seem to find any difficulty. How about to act in historical drama, I don’t think it is difficult for you. Minho: Acting is forever not easy. It’s because I do not have the experience of the cast and character so I will always think hard on how to portrait. Therefore, I feel acting is difficult. Interviewer: What is the difference between acting modern and historical drama? What is the biggest challenge? Minho: Firstly, it is very different from our modern life and can only use my imagination to figure out. There are a lot of limitations in expressing so it’s a lot difficult than I imagine. Also, the weather in Korea is really unusual. We are shooting in an extremely hot weather and also wearing thick clothing while filming. To film action scenes in that kind of weather is really very hard. Interviewer: As I know Faith is a story about time travelling. Have you ever think if you have a chance to time travel, which time will you want to travel to? Minho: I will like to go to 2300. I just feel curious. From now back to 300 years ago, it’s totally different from now so if future 300 years later, how is it like? I am really curious. Interviewer: The new lady cast is Kim Hee Sun, what is your feeling when you first know you will be acting with her? Minho: She is an icon in the 90s, and also a senior loved by many people. To me, she is the standard of beauty when I am young. I am very happy to have a chance to work with her. Also, her personality is good. The first time we met, realized she is a senior who is different, not scary or picky but can talk a lot. Therefore very happy and interesting, just like the same level of other actor/actress. It’s really joyful and interesting to work with her. Interviewer: During filming, do you have any funny and interesting experience to share with us? Minho: Firstly, I found that she really likes to drink, and I am not a good drinker, thus I am always teased by her. Also, we always played games to compete, and every time, we are very noisy but very happy playing together. Interviewer: What is the most impressive scene during filming? Minho: Should be the first scene when Choi Young time travels to the future, it’s very interesting. Also, the last scene when the moment I met Eun Soo whom I missed gives me the most memory. Interviewer: Since you will be taking another new drama, share with us what is the character like? Minho: The new drama will be aired around November in Korea. Filming schedule has not been confirmed yet so I don’t know when I will start filming. Firstly, the character will be a high school student. It’s a story about a 19-year-old youngster and also to inherit a large sum of property. Yes…this is the story. Interviewer: I know you like to have activity with fans like fan meeting. I know you ever went to Asia like Shanghai, Taiwan, Beijing. Will you want to meet Hong Kong fans? Minho: Yes, on May 25, to give fans some memory, this time, I will release an album, and kick off to meet my Asia fans. I will meet Hong Kong fans for the first time in some events. Now, it’s still under planning. I should be meeting Hong Kong fans around July or August. Interviewer: You will be releasing your first album, what kind of songs will be included? More romantic songs or more dance songs? Minho: There will be ballad, and also mid tempo songs but not to dance level. Anyway, there will be a bit of all kinds. Interviewer: When producing this album, is there any challenge? Minho: As I am not a professional singer, so it’s really hard to record in such a tight schedule. Also, in order to sing better, I received vocal training which is very difficult. Interviewer: What is your future plan, more to singer or actor? Minho: Firstly, I am not a professional singer, so have to do recording under tight schedule. My profession is still an actor. Therefore, acting is the most important to me. During fan meeting or to commemorate something, I will also sing some songs but my main profession is still an actor, so I will put more effort on acting. Interviewer: We know you are acting and singing, also playing piano during your previous fan meeting. Will you prepare special performance for Hong Kong fans? Minho: If say, I sing some of the songs I sang before but still will have a lot of opportunity to sing other singer’s songs or to sing my favorite songs. This time, I will solely sing my own songs so fans can listen to my album; listen together and also sing together. I believe everyone will feel enjoyable. Interviewer: Which artist will you like to work with or admire the most? Minho: Like this movie, [A Better Tomorrow], it’s very popular in Korea. I was still young then but feel touched after watching that movie. Like Chow Yun Fat and many other actors are respectable. If there is a chance, I will like to work with them. Interviewer: I hope to see you work with Chow Yun Fat in the future and lastly, have to say goodbye to the fans. Why not say again “I love you” in Cantonese to your fans? Minho: Hong Kong fans, after the release of my album; I will visit Hong Kong again to have a great time with you. Before that, please stay healthy and happy. “I love you” [in Cantonese]. Thank you. Interviewer: Very happy and thanks for interviewing. Minho: okay, thank you (in English) Translated by Jominz of Lee Minho 이민호 ღ Global Minoz
oppa I love u I wish u come to NY plzz <3
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