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Queen In Hyun's Man Ep 16 Grand Finale - How will it end???
What does everyone think??? Let's see who can be the great QIHM soothsayer. If they kill off any key characters like in TK2H I will be pissed. To say the least! Let the discussions BEGIN *DRUMROLLS*
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i dont know where i got this confidence from but i have faith it will be a happy ending.
5 years ago·Reply
i hear that it will be a suprise ending. So i really looking forward
5 years ago·Reply
just wait n see
5 years ago·Reply
@soula81 agreeeee... i felt my heart so calm right now... so it WILL DEFINITELY a happy ending ^_^
5 years ago·Reply
yep it will be a surprise happy ending!!!so jealous of people who are watching it with the actors now grrrr
5 years ago·Reply