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Honestly, there's always a reason to pop some bubbly! Find a reason! Don't wait for New Year's or a wedding to toast and be merry.
Since there's a growing trend, as many would prefer to imbibe on something other than champagne, here are 5 alternatives that you should consider for your Big Day and for any special occasion!
François Chidaine
Schramsberg, Blanc de Noirs
Ca’ dei Zago, Prosecco
Kuentz-Bas Crémant d'Alsace Collection Chardonnay
Now don't forget to always keep a short and brief toast on standby. You can Google for these. Keep it positive and upbeat.
Also, make sure you know how to open a bottle of wine! Nothing more embarrassing than being asked to open a bottle by the host or hostess and YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW!
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