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This topic has come up a few times in the community here, but I'm just baffled as to how often this happens in reality! >.<
As someone who doesn't even play that many multiplayer games, I've still gotten similar messages on Steam and LoL. It's as if finding a girl playing games is similar to finding an alien on Earth. I understand that there might not be as many girls playing video games, but that does not mean they should be treated differently.
Here are some of the most common things female gamers hear online:
"Girls belong in the kitchen. Go make me a sandwich." NO.
"You sound hot! I bet you鈥檙e hot. Are you hot?" STOP.
"Are you a girl? Be my friend! Accept my friend request!" NOPE.
"Hey baby. How you doing?" GET OUT! SMH
It's 2016 and I think like it's about time this stops. One can certainly hope~

Have you ever experienced this or seen this happen? Let me know in the comments~

Tagging some video game homies!
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as long as you don't suck, girl or boy, then I don't care. but if you suck, girl or boy, I will shit on you for it.
I can't stand people who do this. I hear stuff like "Omg your a girl?! Omg add me!! Omg get back in the kitchen!!" It's like they've never been outside. I understand I'm a guy and all but I think it's really stupid to treat one gamer differently than another gamer just because they happen to be a girl. I've played with quite a few girls online and aside from their voices, they are literally like no different from other gamers as far as I'm concerned.
馃馃馃fortunately not.
I totally agree,thx to my boyfriend I'm a gamer myself
I really hate it when that happens, I'm a guy and even I don't understand why they do this.