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I just came across this impressive tattoo and wow....that's amazing.
I'm a bit picky about tattoos - I have one (it's pretty small and on my wrist) of a constellation, but I like how some turn out!! Anime tattoos can look awesome if done well, and I'm glad I saw this one!
That made me remember that a while back @TrevorMoon asked people to share their anime tattoos and @artismyescape has asked before if anyone would get an anime tattoo. So would you do it?
@alexxmarie4 has a pretty awesome one of Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service!
@UzumakiJess has a lot of awesome anime tattoos, but this Luffy one is my favorite! You can see the rest in their collection here :)
@fluffyflexonthe has a pretty impressive one, too!!
Of course, our Nakama spirit keeper (lol do you like your new title?) @LuffyNewman also has a pretty sick set of tattoos he's working on :)

Anybody else out there have anime tattoos?

Tag me in your posts about them!!!
If not, what would you get??
I would totally get a Totoro tattoo one day
I've also got one! I have Sasuke's cursed seal on my arm. and a mew tattoo on my leg, but Iconsider that more of a gaming tattoo than an anime one
ill post it on here
im getting a fairy tail tatoo this weekend
Make sure to let us see it. @UzumakiJess 馃馃従
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