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a fan camera cover dropped on the floor. sungmin didnt notice it and accidentally stepped on it & fell. after awhile he still didnt get up .. when zhoumi supported his waist to help him come up, he still couldnt stand up. then in the end the security carried him into the car ! sungmin was in a good mood with much ageyo .. but when he came out, he accidentally stepped on the camera cover and kneeled on the floor not moving. then in the end he got carried out by the securuty guard. managers and sj were all very angry/upset Photo Credit to: 非非几 Fanaccount Credit To: 爱晟敏ISUNGMINCC Translated by: @WorldWideELFs Shared at by salimahsj TAKE OUT WITH FULL AND PROPER CREDITS.
i hope he is okay...
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I hope he isn't hurt
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@iluvsuperjunior i hope so too
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@Music15 i hope not, sungminnie be strong =)
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