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Kim Hanbin is the 4th oldest in ikon as well as the leader. He has been never had a relationship ( that we know about you never know what happens at the dorms xD sorry...)
O_O Someone forgot to say mother father and said the real thing.
* includes members during mix and match* yet another moment in M&M that makes me emotional when hanbin runs away because he feels to pressured they were just babies who shouldn't of been that stressed! ( Sorry I am very protective of ikon.)
Is it normal to find guys dressed as girls attractive because damn.. T_T
That smile I swear. * coughs* Hanbin where are your clothes! xD
He is just adorable, but don't let his looks fool you he can be one of the biggest dorks ever or super serious I don't think there is an in between.
He is seriously too cute and needs to calm down I already love too many people now all of ikon is murdering me.
So kindly chill Hanbin I can't love all 7 of you ( even though I do and can't fight it)
That gif of his members wishing he wouldnt try to take care of everything by himself because he'll get stressed was so nice :'''''''''')
B.I .....you see this is why he's my bias like everything about him drives me crazy like I want too meet him so bad 😭😭😭😍😍😍
and this is why I love ikon
HanBin you need to stop this noona can only take so much. Lol ^_^
@LinnyOk πŸ’—πŸ’— Awe thank you! Thank you for always reading my cards I love you too. 😁
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