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A new challenge has been created by our fearless leader @invinsybll and I decided to give this one a go!

The theme is Your Anime Road Trip!

Check out the card HERE for more details :)

Where am I going?

I'm headed off to explore the world of FMA! What's that your saying? In the original anime it was just OUR world.....but where alchemy actually worked? Exactly!! That's what I want, hahaha!! I don't really want to go somewhere far away or too fantastical, I just want to go somewhere I can do something a bit more....magical....keep scrolling ;)

Why am I going there?

Well, you see, I have this birthmark on my arm, and a few weeks ago I noticed it was changing color. I showed it to my grandmother, and without explanation she asked me to drive her to a distant town, where she promised I could start to find answers. But she mysteriously disappeared after an accident, and now I've decided to go on my own!

Who's coming with me?

Well, thought we may be in the FMA world, I think I'm going to bring people a bit more suited to my taste! I'll be bringing Obi from Snow White with the Red Hair, Nozomi from Love Live! and Takeru from Prince of Stride!!! Weird bunch, right?

Where will you stop on the way?

Well, we're *probably* (Nozomi's cards told us) going to meet a fellow named Roy along the way. Hopefully, he can help me.... :)

Okay, okay...

I don't really know what the goal of this mission would be, but I think things would develop as we go, hahah!!

So where will you go on your Road Trip?

Make your own card & tag me ^^
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awesome card! and I love the destination. FMA is great because it's home, but with that alchemical twist! thanks for doing the challenge!