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so im supposed to do this word find thing & as I was looking for words....now you don't see this everyday do you anyhoo.....I found JRE name & hoho bro I just start laughing my butt off so bad here are some pictures or Jrekml if you don't know who jrekml is here you go (hes a kpop youtuber with hes cousin kml who react to kpop mv & do pretty much try to make you laugh)
awweee yeah!!
yeah child don't (burst out laughing)
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body rolls included
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@CreeTheOtaku yesssss! lets not forget about dem body rolls
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I LOVE Jre...He is one of the people I like to see react to new music videos 😄. Plus he is HILARIOUS
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@Lexxcisco me too! hes so funny too!
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