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Before Odell Beckham jumped on the scene, Victor Cruz was the man on the New York Giants.
Cruz was a true Cinderella story. The Paterson, New Jersey worked his way from the practice squad to a starting wide receiver spot on the Giants. He dominated in the early part of his career, but has been hampered by injuries the past two seasons.
No Cruz is at a critical juncture in his career, as the Giants are looking for him to take a pay cut. If not, they may let him go.
The Giants are in negotiations with agent Tom Condon regarding Cruz, who has been told he will be released unless his contract is renegotiated, the source said.
Cruz turns 30 during the 2016 season. When healthy, Cruz is extremely dynamic in the short passing game. He is also widely popular in the tri-state area. The combination of a healthy Cruz and Beckham could be one of the best wide out duos in the NFL.
With that being said, if Cruz refused a pay cur and was cut, there would be a handful of teams who could use his services. He could be the star on a couple teams, (49ers, Rams, Titans come to mind) the question is: Does Victor Cruz want to start over in another city at this point in his career?

Should Victor Cruz Take A Pay Cut To Stay With Giants?

I don't know him personally so I don't know of he will take the pay cut or not
@straightshooter yeah I think the injuries are what's hurting his market value
@straightshooter the Ravens would be a great fit. Him and steve smith would pair great together. They drafted Permian in the 1st round last year but he missed the majority of the year, Flacco needs help
If he dont and he gets cut, theirs speculation from the Ravens camp that he could be a nice cap casualty. But honestly I dont know how to feel about him. Hes a good reciever but 2 major injuries in the last 2 years....i dont know that could be worry some
@kyleberke lots of teams would at least take on his contract, maybe pay more. Browns, Titans, Texans, Rams all need a wideout for sure
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