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Which one?
Well, that's easy.
Every moment with Daesung, of course. There he is.
There he is.
There he is.
Oops! Not there.
There he is.
There's his cute little butt.
There he is.
Aww, not there either.
Ok. Seriously now.
My favorite moment was the Made mini-movie - the car chases, the guns, the cars blowing up, Seungri buttoning his jacket after eating breakfast, Daesung coming out of the pool, Taeyang lighting that candle, T.O.P's Marty McFly purple underwear, and G-Dragon's Vanilla Sky moment.
I saw the actual show in Vegas, I saw the New Jersey show on DramaFever, I own the concert in Seoul (the one where they celebrate Daesung's birthday), I've seen the one that aired in Japan, and the final the other day... and every time I can't tear my eyes away from the mini-movie.
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Dae definitely captured a bit of my heart during the concert tour. He is so adorable!
This was cute..... (I need to do mine)
Dae Bae just Dae (He been watched)😏😏😏😏
@jamimilsap I just had to open the Daesung in Concert folder and choose! Lol.
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