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So I figured I would try to make a game where you tried to guess who is who this is just a test if it turns out well I will make it for different groups, but the first one will be Ikon.
~ If you would like to be added/removed to/from my tag list let me know ~ * Put your guesses in the comments and I will post another card with the answers also if you would like to vote for another group you want me to do add it in the comments* Everyone have fun <3
1.june 2. Bobby 3.jinhwan 4.donghyuk 5.Chanwoo 6,yunhyeong 7.hanbin
#1 is my Hoe lol and 2 is Bobby and 7 is BI, those are my Ikon babes lol
Junhe Bobby Jinhwan Donghyuk Chanwoo My Yunhyeongie B.I
i only know number 2 bobby
1. Jinhwan? 2. Bobby 3. June? 4. donghyuk 5. Chanwoo 6. Yunhyeong 7. BI
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