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Tell me if you want to change back to pictures or if you want me to do videos too. I don't own this video so credit to owner. Contains smut. This is a pretty long chapter too.
2 years ago Where am I? What happened? Junior asked himself as he woke up in a bed that obviously wasn't his. Junior sets up and starts to look around just to find JB sleeping next to him, back facing him. He's so cute when he's asleep, Junior mumbled to himself. JB turned over to see Junior awake. You're awake, JB said in a sleepy voice. Yeah. What happened last night? Junior asked. Ok he doesn't remember, JB thought to himself. You drank to much and wouldn't tell me where you lived so I brought you to my house, JB said. Ok, but I feel like I'm forgetting something, Junior said. Oh shit! oh shit! JB panicked. You probably forgot how many bottles of soju you went through, JB said trying to be calm. Junior paused for a second before he spoke. How many did I drink? Junior asked curiously. Too many, JB teased. Oh god! Did I say anything embarrassing? Junior asked. Maybe, JB replied. I'm serious! Junior yelled. Okay, no you didn't say anything embarrassing, JB assured. I have to go to my house and change, Junior said as he left JB's house in a hurry. God that was a close call, JB said. Present- 1 hour ago So what do you guys want to do for today? Youngjae asked. He told us to go and play so let's go and play, Yugyeum said. Okay I will go tell them that we're leaving, Mark said. Mark goes and starts to open the bedroom door but then hears a noise. He slowly opens it a little bit and sees Juniors legs wrapped around JB and they're up against the wall. Mark closes the door real quick. Okay guys I told them we are leaving let's go, Mark said as he pushed everyone out the door. Why in such a hurry? Jackson asked. I just can't wait to go and have some fun, Mark said with a smile. Um okay, Jackson said. The rest of the boys went to the skatepark while JB and Jackson continued to do what they did. 1 hour later Wake up, Junior said as he shook JB. What is it? JB sat up in hurry. Where are my clothes? Junior asked. I don't know, JB said as he looked away from Junior. Bullshit, what did you do with them? Junior asked. I might have gotten up while you were asleep and his them, JB said innocently. Why? Junior asked. I like your naked body and I want to do things to it that would make even the internet blush, JB said with a devilish look as he walked towards Junior. God dammit JB you're gonna be the death of me, Junior said. Good because that body of yours is gonna be the death of me, JB replied. JB grabbed Junior by the waist and pushed him back on the bed. JB grabbed Juniors chin and took his thumb and rubbed it on Junior lip. I still remember the first time I kissed these lips, JB said. 2 months ago? Junior said. If that's what you want to think, JB said as he leaned in to meet Juniors lips. Junior grabbed on to the back of JB's neck and pulled him in deeper. This time we don't have to worry about clothes, JB laughed JB started to kiss down Juniors neck and all the way down to his stomach making Junior twitch as he moaned. I want to try a new position, JB randomly said. Okay, Junior replied. JB sat up and pulled Junior on top of him wrapping his legs around JB's waist. Junior sat up a little and then eased down on JB's member making Junior moan. Jb wrapped his arms around Juniors waist and pulled him in and buried his face into Junior's chest. Junior wrapped his arms around JB's neck as he slowly started to move up and down. Every movement made Junior moan. JB grabbed onto Junior tighter as he began to thrust. Junior pulled JB's hair as JB began to quicken his pace. Junior wasn't doing the moving anymore, it was all JB. JB was holding onto Junior so tight that he started to leave marks. Junior pulled JB's head back by the hair and started to kiss him. JB buried his ace back into Junior's chest. JB I'm gonna....Junior tried to say before he reached his climax. JB looked up as Junior arched his body into JB and let out his last moan. Junior fell onto JB trying to catch his breath. Are you okay? JB asked kind of worried. Yeah just let me stay here for a minute, Junior said. Are you sure you're okay? JB asked. Yes I'm sure, Junior said as he got off of JB. They began to lay back down but then they heard the front door start to open.
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