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This is the oddest reaction I've ever seen!
If she was on America's got Talent I could hear Sharon Osbourne saying something like "oh what a beastly little girl"
Omg, too true, bahahaha. That poor girl. She's clearly got some anxiety issues she needs to work through.
@danidee but ya know one plus for this girl is that when she does end up in a therapists office everyone that she needs to resolve issues with that were so verbally abusive to her are there and accounted for!
@danidee So many people just loved playing judge from there couch. I'm completely tone deaf and have really no clue what that even means so I'm clueless anyway but was always amazed at the people that honestly went in there thinking they were remotely good enuf to even have the guts to go in front of Simon when even I as a tone deaf can't carry a tune person want to duct tape their mouth shut! it truly astonished me some of the bad ones!!!! I still don't get it!! lol
@2Distracted Lol my parents used to be obsessed with watching American Idol. My mom would turn into a Simon when she watched. She'd be like "Oh, she thinks she's SO good. She's not that good."
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