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Yes I freaking updated lol, I know that is a 360 control but yes I do have a one lmfao. So yes let's get to it! I'm going on vacation.. Yup tomorrow is D day.. Not Deadpool day or that other D day... Mind out of gutter people it's....
Yup, so I'm going to act like a kid tommorrow night and stay up with my gaming crew which I miss so freaking much! I love those guys just like I love all the beautiful faces and friends of Vingle except @buddyesd and @InPlainSight they are on a different level that includes Loki sprinkles? Don't worry guys, I know it's not drugs those guys are too awesome for that lol and I like them too.. I just felt like picking on them because that is what I do. There will be...
The last photo is the most important, I don't do orange controllers and ish. I like my electronics to stay sexy and sleek.. Not look like a lost VCR from the 80's. I'm plotting already people...
Did I ever tell you I don't like sharing... Especially when it comes to electronics.. I fuqqing hate it lol... When I get better and back on track.. We are going to need another X1 in the house lol. We have 360's but I the one with both.... So... You get my point. I don't like to share.
Yeah, I'm fangirling about a video game, the last time I fangirled this hard was Gears of War 3 and when game informer did this....
Yup.. I died twice... It came in the mail I was on the floor rolling with my drunk cat.. I guess she was copying me lol. But anyway I will be around to check in though. I can't live off that food forever and I do have some adult things to do in my life lol.. So I'm tagging my community people and stuff so.. Yeah my Winchester family you are getting tagged too.. I'm like a kid running with a stapler shooting it lol.

Hexed Vixen

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I feel you fan girl energy hahah I get fan boy about alot of things including games hahah so I know own your feelings hahah Xd
Have fun!!! ^^
it's okay i was fangirling when persona 5 came out and now ATLUS is making a new game for the 3Ds
I fangirl over video games too. You're good! 👍🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮
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