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in BTS its is jungkook his voice is so awesome.
I'm monsta x it will be kihyun I just love his songs.
junhoe because when he singed eyes nose lips he sounded really awesome.
when he singed beautiful liar his voice was so awesome.
woohyun because I die when I hear his voice
baekhyun because his voice in exo next door when he singed beautiful
sorry I can't choose who my favorite singer is in seventeen so I chose all the vocals
Woohyun, June, and Leo kill me 😍
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Girl thank you for making this card I really loved it because I loved the vocal groups on your card. Can you add me please. ❤💕💞 YOUR CARD SO MUCH
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ahh, rap monster in my fav color (pants) es vida!!
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@SerenityThao thank you
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