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Brandon Turnbow was roaring down the highway when he saw something unimaginable.

There was a man parked on the side of the road beating something, and then he tossed it into a ditch and drove off. That 'thing' was an adorable dog now named "Mr. Davidson."

Our hero immediately turned around to grab his now-companion and put the shaking puppy onto his bike.

"I take a chance and just fold my body over him to see if he will bite or trust me," Turnbow writes. "He then just lays his body into me shaking so I just stand up with him in my arms and sit him on the bike seat."
Before hitting the road again, Turnbow made sure the dog wasn't nervous about the sounds of the bike, then he sped to town.

"We come to a stop at a 4-way red light and I look back and he is sitting there like he has rode all his life," Turnbow explains.

The dog seemed to be loving his new life on the bike. After checkups with the vet, Turnbow and Mr. Davidson are now a solid team (and Turnbow says that he loves passing cars now, because almost every time the driver will slow so the passengers could wave and smile.)

What an awesome ending to what could have been a very sad story.

My first dog was abused before we found her at the shelter but after she learned to trust humans again, she became the most loving and caring puppy imaginable!

Anyone else have a rescue dog?!

@MajahnNelson haha that's my motto! XD All three of my cats were rescues. The most recent one was being neglected by the people that had her, not fed properly, sent outside in the middle of a snowstorm, being exposed to stuff that could put her in danger. The humane society borrowed her friend's motorcycle and broke into these people's apartment and stole the cat. Oh, and did I mention this humane society lady was at leats 80 years old? XD totaly badass
Dog As My Copilot?? 馃槈馃榿
I hope someone finds that gut and throws him in a ditch like his life is meaningless. I'm happy that this biker turned around and rescued the pup. It's things like this that reminds me that not everyone is a piece of shit.
That is so beautiful. My family does rescues. My dog was abused, beaten and left in the rain in all night. She wouldn't let me get near her without whimpering in pain. Now she is happy as can be.
I'm touched by this story. 馃槶 I have rescue a black kitten which is being ignored by her mother and all her 4 siblings didn't survive whether died from starving or kill by cars before I adopt this little one 5 years ago until she's 1 1/2 years-old then she died after 3 month giving birth to 4 cute kitty. I miss her so much
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