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Hey guys this is Kalyan I wanted to tell you that I will publish or share any anime character wallpapers for you . You just need to tell me which one and let me know from the comments section below. I will share the best wallpaper every week on Fridays. And the ones you asked will be shared the next day or probably the same day. So don't wait let me know what character you want me to share!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until next time bye guys!
My son random said just the other day that he want to be bald like the strong guy on ichigo's show. Mind you, he's five. When I said, "Ikkaku?" He said "Yeah, cuz he's super strong and he's cool." gotta high five that kid. We haven't watched bleach for a couple of months by the way.
I thought the first picture was Kratos at first.
He has one of the best bankai moments in Bleach when he fought against Edorad. I watch it just to get hype.
Not weird at all 馃槃 @CreeTheOtaku
....is it weird that all of my favorite characters in anime are either bald, dorky, strong or just plain awesome?
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