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I've been waiting for Timmy's showcase for awhile now...but no words. But I read something even more shocking today.

The Padres have been "very active" on Lincecum.

According to Timmy's agent, Rick Thurman, Padres baseball-operations advisor, Trevor Hoffman, have been in contact about Lincecum. And the Padres' interest doesn't stop there. Even their GM AJ Preller approached Thurman to talk about our Timmy.
I have mixed feelings about this one. Yes he has been on the downhill with a couple of injuries here and there. But most importantly, I cannot imagine Timmy wearing a uniform that is not black and orange.
I know the decision is not for us to make. And the Giants front office have been pretty good at making tough decisions. They also made some aggressive moves this offseason acquiring Cueto and Samardzija.

But can we make one more room for Timmy? I just can't let him go.

But I guess at least its not the Dodgers?
@mchlyang He would look awkward in blue
@DucktheFodgers Exactly my thought
Ahh I can't imagine him wearing a different uniform either.
No...please not the Padres.