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Choi Han Bit has debuted in the rookie trio called Mercury making her the first trans-gender to hit the kpop scene.

The song isn't really my style but for the genre its going for, its pretty good!

She was on Korea's Next Top Model season 3 and debuted with the girl group Mercury yesterday!

Hooray for more and more diversity in Kpop :D


Han Bit isn't the first transgender K-pop idol. Harisu (Lee Kyung Eun) is upheld the first groundbreaking transgender Korean celebrity. In 2001, Harisu burst to fame after appearing in a commercial for DoDo cosmetics. She released several albums and also has appeared in multiple television dramas and films.
What I'm looking forward to is the day when "(S)he's Transgender" or (S)he is gay" has the same meaning as "She has brown hair." People are more than their gender or gender identity.
@LindaHart YES! I think that this is a step in the right direction :) As far as I know too, Mercury isn't being promoted as "that trio with one member who is transgender" They're being promoted as a dance trio. Which is super rad!
Even though she's not the technical first trans idol, this is awesome news! πŸ˜„
Yeah the auto tune is ruining it for me!
Congrats! There needs to be more diversity breaking through the taboos of Korean society. I'm waiting for homosexuals to expose themselves in the Kpop industry! πŸ˜†βœŒ
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