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Practice seemed to go on forever, Tae did his best but his mind was elsewhere. Thankfully though he didn't make too many mistakes and they finished earlier than expected but it still felt like forever. Tae's putting his things in his bag, Jungkook comes up to him wraps his arm around his shoulders.
"Hey hyung, since we finished early you wanna go grab some food?" Jungkook acted all cute, trying to make his hyung smile. But it wasn't working as well as he wanted. Tae just nodded his head and gave him a small smile. The two boys walked out of the studio, while the others finished getting their stuff together.
"Hey Jin, what's up with Tae he seems kinda out of it today?" Jin watched as Jungkook and Tae left around the corner.
"He's in love with someone he can't have and he doesn't know how to get over her." The boys looked surprised by this response, they had no idea he was interested in anyone.
"You mean Y/N?" Jimin asks. Jin just nods his head.
"Yeah apparently her boyfriend came back and she's been avoiding Tae like the plague. Not even treating him like a friend." Jin explains.
"Tae thinks he's hiding his feelings well, so be careful around him, I picked him up from drinking tonight and I'm surprised he didn't make as many mistakes as I thought he would."
Jungkook and Tae sat down at a local restaurant and Jungkook did everything to try and cheer Tae up. Tae ordered some beer and suju and started drinking. Jungkook just watched as his hyung drowned himself in liquor.
"Hey man, you think you've had enough?" Jungkook asked Tae. Tae just gives Jungkook this "go to hell" look, "Yo man, did I ask for your company?" Tae said.
"What's wrong hyung, you haven't acted like this since that one time." Jungkook stops in midsentence. He remembers the last girl Tae fell for, it didn't end well. They thought they were going to lose him then. But because of his members he was able to move on.
"Look boy, I'm fine I don't have a broken heart, I'm not even thinking about what's her name" Tae says as he snaps his fingers trying to remember. Jungkook new at this point it was time to call Jin.
"Hey bro, I'm going to the bathroom I'll be right back." Jungkook gets up and grabs his phone out of his coat pocket. Looking back Tae was still at the table.
"Hey hyung, I need your help bringing Tae home, he's really drunk and fighting with me." Jungkook spoke into his phone.
"Where are you?" Jin asks, as Jungkook gave him the location and hung up when he turned around Tae was gone. Jungkook's eyes grew wide and he rushed to the table, nothing everything was gone Tae's bag, Tae, Jungkook was going to get an ear full from Jin when he showed up. Jungkook ran outside to see if he could catch Tae but he couldn't see him in either direction.
Tae grabbed a taxi and headed to Y/N's house. He had tears in his eyes but he wanted to see her. When he reached his location he gets out of the cab paying the cabbie a little more then what was needed. Tae was so out of it that he didn't hear the guy call him.
Tae walks to the door and buzzes Y/N's name. It took a little while but Y/N answered.
"Hello?" Tae missed her voice and was mouthing words but nothing would come out. Tae cleared his throat.
"Hey hi, I was wondering if I could come in for a minute, I haven't seen you in a while and I miss you." Tae lays his head on the door.
"Tae! Is that you?" Y/N asked.
"Yup, please let me in." he sniffs. The sound of the buzzer goes off letting him know the door was open. Y/N let him in.
"Hey Tae what's wrong?" Y/N asked.
"We just saw each other not but a couple of days ago?" Y/N puts her arm around him to bring him up the stairs she notices the smell of liquor on him.
"Come on, I'll make you some coffee, and I'll let you sleep on the couch." She said. Tae just nods his head and smiles at her like a child. When they reach her apartment he see's Key was standing at her door.
"Hey, Y/N is he going to be okay." Key asks.
"Yeah he's drunk he just needs to sleep it off." Y/N replies.
"Here let me help you get him to the couch." Key said as he takes Tae's other arm and wraps it around his neck holding him up and helping Y/N take him to the couch. Tae looks at him closely.
"Hey who are you, and why are you with my girlfriend?" Tae mumbles out. Key and Y/N looks at him with wide eyes. Y/N shakes her head.
"Where friends Tae, I'm not your girlfriend." Tae looks over at Y/N confused.
"How is that possible I told you my feelings for you and you accepted them remember." Tae mumbled again. Y/N was shaking her head again.
"No Tae I've never accepted that, you're my friend nothing more." They finally make it to the couch and sit Tae down. Tae flops on his side and before they know it he's snoring.
"Wow, so you've been cheating on me have you." Key said in a playful tone.
"Hey you know better than that, you've had my heart forever and always will there's no way I could cheat on you." Y/N pouts in response, Key just laughs and smiles wrapping his arm around her shoulders.
"I know, I just felt like teasing you a bit." Key sticks his tongue out at Y/N. Y/N just crosses her arms.
"Hey does he have anyone you need to call to let them know he's alright?" Key asks.
"Yeah, I'll call Jin." Y/N runs to grab her phone on her way back Jin picked up.
"Hey Jin, it's Y/N, Tae is passed out drunk on my couch. I'm gonna let him sleep here tonight and send him home tomorrow." Y/N heard the relief in Jin's voice once he knew Tae was alright.
"Thanks Y/N, I'm sorry he did this. He's going through something and shutting us out. Call me when he wakes up and I'll come pick him up okay." Y/N agrees and hangs up the phone.
"Let's get some sleep okay." Key said as he grabs Y/N's waist and walks with her into the bedroom shutting the door.
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Aww poor Tae...makes my heart break for him =(