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Tae woke up to the smell of breakfast being made. Stretching he opens his eyes and is confused to where he is. Why was he at Y/N's place? Tae thought. Then like a flash everything came back and it brought a migraine with it, Tae had a hangover. Tae sat up kicked his legs over and put his elbows on his knees and he started to rub his temples with his index fingers circling them when he heard the laughter.
"Hey, don't do that." Y/N said. Key started laughing and Y/N followed. Tae stands up and slowly walks towards the kitchen, he turns around the corner and watches from the doorway. Key and Y/N were goofing off while making breakfast. They looked so happy and having fun, Tae felt his heart break into a thousand pieces and warm tears fall down his cheek. He quickly rubs them away and backs away as quietly as possible. Tae couldn't take the chance of running into them and having a conversation it would be too hard, so he decided to leave quietly.
Tae is about to open the door when someone's hand shuts the door. Tae looks behind him with wide eyes to see Y/N.
"And just where do you think you're going without eating breakfast?" Y/N asked.
Tae took a nervous gulp. "I'm heading back to the dorm, Jin must be pissed off at me for not telling them where I was and I was out all night." Tae explained quickly putting his hand on the door knob again.
"It's okay, I've already talked with Jin, he knows you're here. He will be by to pick you up soon. So come have breakfast okay." Y/N pats Tae on the back and grabs his shoulders turning him around. She grabs his bag and drops it on the floor in the corner. Pushing Tae towards the kitchen forcibly sitting Tae down at the bar.
"Good morning Tae." Key says while putting a couple of pancakes, bacon, strawberries and toast on a plate before handing it to Tae.
"Good morning Key." Tae responds and bows his head. Key smiles as he finishes loading up Y/N's and his plates. Key places the plates on the bar Y/N sits next to Tae, Tae feels awkward being close to Y/N so he just focusses on eating the breakfast.
"So, Tae can you tell us why you were drinking last night so much you forgot where you were and ended up at my girlfriend's house?" Key asks. Tae almost chokes on his food. After he regained his composure he lies about why he showed up.
"I was pretty drunk and didn't want to deal with Jin's bitching me out for it." Tae takes another bite of food.
"I just found myself here, I don't know why." Tae says in between bites. Key just nods his head but he knew why Tae showed up he could read Tae's body language and it wasn't matching with his explanation.
"Thank you for the food, I'm sorry I intruded last night." Tae picks his plate up and scrapes the rest into the trash and places his dishes in the sink turns the water on to soak them. "I need to get back to the dorm." Tae turns around and says to Y/N and Key. Y/N is completely oblivious to Tae's feelings and actions. Y/N gets up and walks Tae out, Key waves goodbye and then takes a sip of his coffee.
"Thanks again for the food Key." Tae says. Key nods and smiles.
"No problem." Key said.
"Are you sure you're okay?" Y/N asks as she walks Tae to the door. "Jin isn't here yet, should I call him." Y/N asks. Tae just shakes his head no.
"I'm good Y/N, you look really happy with Key and that makes my heart feel good." Tae smiles.
"I am very happy with Kibum." Y/N smiles with her answer. If only she knew how much it killed Tae maybe she would react differently then again maybe not.
"Bye." Tae said as he opens the door. Y/N felt sad as she watched Tae walk out the door and to the elevator. She watches him stand their waiting, she sees him grab his head and moaning. Tae turns to see Y/N standing at the door.
"Hey, I'm fine just a headache from drinking too much go back in and finish your breakfast." Tae said as he was shooing Y/N away telling her to go back into the apartment. Y/N sticks her tongue out at him and nods her head. The elevator door dings and opens and Tae gets on with one last wave to Y/N. And with that Y/N shuts the door.
Tae lets out a huge sigh and starts to cry. "It shouldn't hurt this much." Tae thought. The elevator dings and comes to a stop a floor below Y/S's and Tae quickly wipes the tears away as the doors start to open. A woman gets on the elevator. Tae bows and moves to the corner he notices she's dressed from head to toe in black. A sultry black dress with black heels. Her accessories such as her earrings, necklace, bracelets, and rings where silver. She was wearing big black sun glasses. Tae didn't pay that much attention to her except she was standing in front of him and he just kept looking around. Tae couldn't wait for the elevator doors to open again, he just hoped that the girl moved out quickly so he could get the heck out of this building.
The doors to the elevator finally opened and the girl walked out first and Tae bolted out of the elevator and ran for the door he wasn't paying attention and bumped into someone.
"Hey watch it bro." Jin yelled at him.
"Sorry hyung, I was in a hurry." Tae said.
"I was coming to get you at Y/N's apartment. Is everything alright?" Jin asked Tae. Tae just nodded his head.
"Sure everything's fine, I feel bad that I intruded on her and her boyfriend last night, but yeah she fed me breakfast." Tae said.
"That's good, but how are you feeling?" Jin asks with a worried look on his face. Tae just smiles as they walk to Jin's car.
"Other than having a hangover, I'm good." Tae tried his best to put on a front, but Tae can be read like an open book he wears his emotions on his sleeves and Jin understood this as all of his friends did.
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