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It's Waifu Wednesday, everybody!

And today's theme is.....Fairy Tail! I know we have a TON of Fairy Tail fans on here, so I thought it'd be a great way to pay tribute to some awesome, strong, BEAUTIFUL women who make up Fairy Tail!
Now, some of you MAY know this....but I haven't watched all of Fairy Tail. So take this opportunity to tell me all about what I'm missing with these awesome girls, okay?

Make your {WW} cards about the awesome Fairy Tail ladies & tag me!

Highlight why they're strong, beautiful, amazing, unique, powerful....whatever! Just talk about why you love them ~~
Tagging the WW crew :)
Also tagging some FT fans today ^^
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i can do this 1 for sure but im @ work currently, give me like 3-4 hrs
ill do mines after work
will post mine in a bit... great card btw
I'll try but when it is Wednesday