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1000 days with BTS, I haven't been with BTS since their debut, I'm glad I found them though and I hope they have a long career making great music like this song. Congrats BTS. And thank you so much for working so hard to give us your fans great music....
I am completely in love with this's so relaxing for me and beautiful and Jimin's part at the end OMG!!! and J-hope singing a little bit OMG!!! and oh hell all of them are great ugh this group seriously are killing me....I have to see them live once in my lifetime...and SHINee, and SJ, and FT Island...okay so all my favorite KPOP groups I have to at least see once...better win the lottery because that's a lot of groups. Okay I need to sleep now this song makes me sleepy and it's a good one to sleep to...