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16 years later Sooyoung was just five years when her mom disappeared she now 21 years old and doing some research on her mom "Girl you still up? Have even gotten any kind of sleepy" Bom Park asked Sooyoung Sooyoung *giggles* "Oh shut up Bom Park I'm doing some more research I promise I'll go to bed soon. HEY! you don't happen to know what happen to my mom so you?" Bom Park thought to herself. Shit what do I say... I can't tell her not now. Ring ring ring. "Hello?" "Is Sooyoung there? Yes sir she good Bom Park let me talk to her " Seungri said to Bom Park Here is its Seungri "Hello" said Sooyoung "Hey we think might have found your mothers body" Seungri said with a sad voice "What? No no she can't be dead Seungri!!! I don't believe it!!!" Sooyoung hangs up the phone in anger Soonyoung beings to yell "How dear he say my mother is dead she not dead damn it she not dead!" "Whoa whoa clam down what's going on? Honey talk to me." Bom Park ask "Seungri said my mother is dead I don't believe it! Not one damn bit will take me to see the body please" Sooyoung begs and begs Aish okay I'll take you! Bom Park and Sooyoung arrive at the morgue "Hello who may I help you?" Mortician asked "Yes I was told you have my mother her name is Chaelin" said to the man "Ah yes come with me" They go the back room and there lies a body. Soonyoung and Bom Park both take a good long look. Making sure every detail matches her mom and her photo Soonyyoung then grabs the mortician and slams him against a wall "You motherfucker this isn't my mother! This isn't her you got the wrong person I hate you!" Soonyoung beings to cry and Bom Park takes her by the hand "Come on let's go sweetie and I'm sorry sir" says Bom Park They get into the car and drive around before going home "Hey look I know your upset but why don't you believe that is your mother her Wallet and everything was found on her" Bom Park said to Sooyoung "Because I know my mother that wasn't her honestly it... Never mind forget it" Sooyoung said "No what it is" "Okay it looked a lot like Minzy" Sooyoung said "Minzy?" Bom Park asked They arrive at home and Sooyoung goes inside Later that night. Ring ring ring "Hello?" Seungri? "Yes?" "I went the morgue to go look at my mothers body and I......I don't think it's her I think it's Minzy" Sooyoung said Seungri had to think for a moment he's in complete shock with what he just heard "Hello?" "Uh sorry I was thinking damn that's crazy are you sure it's not your mother?" Seungri asked just trying to feel reassured "Yeah I'm pretty sure plus I called the Agency and they said they haven't heard anything from Her.And I tried to do some research but I couldn't find anything on her it's like her whole life has been. Erased like she just dropped off the face of the earth." "Sooyoung I need you come to the agency because if someone is killing people from our agency then you might in trouble too" "Okay" Sooyoung said "Man fuck that I'm go find my mother but I will need help" Sooyoung says before going to bed Did someone kill Minzy? What will Sooyoung do? Stay tuned and find out