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My dad knows this feeling too well.

When you're with a girlfriend, boyfriend, just friend, with your mom, your dad, your sister, or your coworker...waiting for them to finish shopping is the WORST THING EVER.

It's a horrible situation many people find themselves many in fact, that someone made an Instagram about it.

Miserable Men chronicles the sad tale of men left to hold the bags and wait for the shopping torture to end.

They take submissions from around the world to prove that this strange form of torment (or sign of unconditional love???) does not discriminate by race, age, or geographical location.

Everyone has fallen victim to this (yes even you, you know you have!)

Captioned: "Wipe those tears and just accept it. You're done. This is your life now."

So, are you the friend left waiting on the bench, or the one prancing through the mall?

LOLOLOLOLOL This made me laugh. I don't mind shopping in the least. As many of you know, I spent HOURS driving all over LA looking at cutlery two sundays ago. HAHAHA And I wasn't bored in the least! Got a lot accomplished, even if nothing was purchased. hahahaha I want to take @buddyesd on one of my shopping trips. (He might die!)
I'm neither cuz I'm not much of a shopper but I'd like to give credit to these guys cuz by the looks on all their faces in pics only love could result in that!!!! great card lol
@humairaa Welcome to the UberShoppingBag app. a totally free service financed by the charity for desperate partners, just press the help button and someone will arrive looking fed up and tired while they sit around waiting for your bags. 馃槙 service with a frown! lol
@TurtleyTurtles my friends hate me because i run through the store grabbing anything that looks nice then i stand outside the dressing room slowly deciding "nope dont want this" and end up MAYBE with one item - usually nothing hahahahahha
This is hilarious! I can't stand being at the mall, but I'm extremely indecisive, so I try my best to shop alone. I'll spend forever deciding if I want this style or that style, or if I want it in this color or that color, or even if I should buy it in the first place. And when thrift shopping... you really don't wanna be with me! I have never been the victim, though.
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