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The Shopping Wait: A True Test of Devotion

My dad knows this feeling too well.

When you're with a girlfriend, boyfriend, just friend, with your mom, your dad, your sister, or your coworker...waiting for them to finish shopping is the WORST THING EVER.

It's a horrible situation many people find themselves many in fact, that someone made an Instagram about it.

Miserable Men chronicles the sad tale of men left to hold the bags and wait for the shopping torture to end.

They take submissions from around the world to prove that this strange form of torment (or sign of unconditional love???) does not discriminate by race, age, or geographical location.

Everyone has fallen victim to this (yes even you, you know you have!)

Captioned: "Wipe those tears and just accept it. You're done. This is your life now."

So, are you the friend left waiting on the bench, or the one prancing through the mall?

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@mrsmith lol yesss!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚
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@mrsmith OMGosh hilarious πŸ˜„!!! I think your onto something with that concept!!!haha
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I act tired and worn out and irritated sometimes (just to get her to hurry it up if we have reservations or if the store is closing or if she isn't making a decision), but she knows, as well as I do, that I love seeing her happy and her reactions, and her indecisiveness so much that I really don't mind it, simply because I'm with her. So I'm an involved, dragged-along shopper. She DOES spend 30 minutes trying to pick out a hair dye lol We have this running joke about reading each others mind, so this one time we went shoe shopping and she told me to read her mind and tell her which ones she wanted. Two minutes later, I found those perfect shoes. However, she found it necessary to spend 54 minutes walking around. and guess what I heard from her? "You were right. I'm going to get those first ones" A WHOLE HOUR LATER! lol it's funny
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I am generally left sitting because I has no $$$ XD
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So funny!
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