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Astro On Asc
Who watched Astro on After School Club? I loved seeing them on there. If you did watch it what team did you vote for? Team Moonbin or Team Eunwoo? Omg I love them so much!! They are so precious and Rocky and Sanha doing aegyo was the best!!
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OMO yess they were so amazing
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What the heck i didn't even know!!! Thank u tho cause now I will be looking it up!!
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ahhh there were so cute❤
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I did watch it and I did vote on Twitter. I was for Team EunWoo because JinJin danced with passion.
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I voted for team eun woo, his English along with mj's was hilarious! I couldn't not vote! HE EVEN SAID I LOVE YOU IN ENGLISH. THAT'S ALL I NEEDED TO HEAR FROM DONGMIN
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