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Challenged by @InVinsybll (not directly but whatever)
WHERE ARE WE GOING? UNIVERSAL STUDIOS FLORIDAAAAAA I've never been here so I would love to visit it Like a lot Please
WHY ARE WE GOING THERE? TBH, I just wanna go for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter XD I want my cloak, wand, and scarf lol Random Fact: I thought I would be a Hufflepuff But according to 4 out of 5 quizzes I took online, I'm a Ravenclaw Random Question: What house are you in/do you think you'd be in?
WHO'S COMING WITH? I gotta bring my hubby RinRin :3 I'll also bring two of my bros (Kageyama and Haru) I'll bring my little Hinababy X3 And then I'll bring Yato cuz I think it'd be funny to have him tag along XD
WHERE WILL WE STOP ON THE WAY? Mostly just rest stops and maybe a hotel cuz it's like 17 hours from where I am to Orlando XD Also, I looked up what places there are and I saw an aquarium in Atlanta Georgia and I wanna see da dolphins *^*
So that's my road trip XD it'd be pretty fun to me haha ... I just realized I'd be surrounded by boys Oops ㄟ(ツ)ㄏ
@InVinsybll luvky ;v; I wanna go so bad and finally get my own wand XD
awesome card! I love the destination. I got to go to the wizarding world like 2 or 3 years ago with my family and it was dooooope