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GOOD NEWS!!! Following his appearance in the musical 'Elizabeth', Junsu is also making a comeback this July with his 2nd solo album. I'm crying legit tears here. Yess. The specific date is not yet determined, but Junsu is determined to once again show the public his sensational music. An agency official said, "He was recognized for the perfect balance of the last album and music video. That's why we are working hard to come up with an even better album this time." The company promises a pop-styled album that goes well with the summer weather, blending his ballad vocal skills and powerful performance colors. Jusu's first solo album 'Tarantallegra' was released last May and recorded 180,000 sales (including repackaged album and an English single). Let's hope that he will do so much better this time, selling at least 300,000? (yes, I'm being super optimistic here xD). Source:
like his voice and love this look
yes! Love his previous album and can't wait for this one. p.s: love the photo you chose white hair looks gorgeous on him