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ASTRO Promotes Tampons/Pads and I Am Here for It.
Yep, ASTRO is officially the brand models for Secret Day, a company that makes feminine hygenie products aka menstral pads wooooo!!!! 'Secret Day' explained, "They were selected because they have this sincere image of a considerate boyfriend who understands their girlfriend." And I'm pretty sure you get photo cards too? Maybe? In which case, I'm looking forward to that time of month LMAO. Why do I think this is really groovy? Because periods have always been a thing that have been ~gross~ and make men feel ~uncomfortable~ (tbh its the mark of a truly awesome man if he's cool enough to go buy you pads when you need them) Having men promote the product, especially idols that are meant to be role models, might help guys realize that they should be understanding and if they have a special lady in their life, they should be there to get through the tough times (some of the commercials include ASTRO giving out chocolate which, at least in my personal case, is NECESSARY during that time of month hahahhaa) I think this is a really cool idea! And here's the behind the scenes: This comes right after a story that spread all through Korean news sites: A girl was sitting on the bus when she got her period unexpectedly, there was a small blood stain on her leg and a man who was standing next to her saw it. He "accidentally" spilled the strawberry milk he was drinking near her seat and apologized, giving her his jacket to cover the milk stain. “I’m sorry I spilled it. You can take my clothes and tie it around you before you leave,” he said! A boy's friend posted about it online, the girl responded thanking him, and now that boy is a national hero lol! Boys who are man enough to understand menstration are my favorite boys hahahahah
Jail Time for Big Hit Blackmailer + Calls for Reported to Resign!
So, first part of the controversy is this: A CEO was sentenced to one year in prison for "blackmailing Big Hit Entertainment, threatening to reveal information to the public about alleged illegal marketing by the agency." Basically, Big Hit used a company 2 years ago to do marketing for them, then suddenly the company (that was financially struggling) came back and said they were going to release this ~secret~ about Big Hit unless they paid them a lot of money (approximately $291,000) Big Hit was like, wtf, and they said they have nothing to hide (the 'secret' was related to illegal marketing allegedly) They said: “Big Hit has nothing to hide, so as soon as we became aware of the situation, we filed a report with the police and actively cooperated with investigations.” “If Big Hit’s reputation ends up being damaged by these claims and reports, despite the our immediate handling of the situation by filing a report and cooperating with police, then there will be no entertainment agency in the future that can take appropriate measures in the face of blackmail.” “We’re very sorry to the BTS members and ARMY for the alarm that was caused with this issue. We will do everything we can and carefully manage our business partners and contractors to prevent something like this from ever happening again.” The CEO was found guilty for blackmail and was sentenced to a year in jail. Now, for the second part of the controvery: There is one reporter, Jeon Won, who works for a site called xsports who hates BTS with a passion. She heard the report about the marketing company finding "illegal marketing practices" and posted about how that is PROOF that BTS bought their Billboard award and that they should return it, that BTS are cheaters. *eye roll* Here's what she wrote: “With the accusations of illegal marketing practices, BTS’ eligibility for the ‘Top Social Artist’ award comes to suspicion. The winner of the award is determined by the hashtag votes and BTS has received more than 300 million. However, some netizens are now questioning the legitimacy. If the marketing took place with the use of part-time employees (to increase votes), then it’ll be fair for BTS to return the trophy.” You can hear her voice here from a press conference. She's the same reporter who clamined that BTS cheated on winning awards on music shows and she also announced one of their comeback dates before Big Hit did (which is a shitty move as a reporter). Now #엑스포츠_전원기자_사과해 (XSports_ReporterJeongWon_Apologize!) is trending WORLDWIDE. Since the "illegal marketing practices" were found to be lies, that means her only evidence that the Billboard Awards were bought is not true people want her to apologize but so far all that has happened is her article has ~disappeared~ Glad BTS won this round but jeez, when will people learn?!
面白そうなイベント発見。「Run@Seoul Introduction」
このサービス(Vingle)を使ってみようと思ったのは、言語タブだけ変えれば多国語のコンテンツが見れるところである。 英語が上手でなくても、音楽などは普通に鑑賞できるし、日本では全く有名でないアメリカのアーティストの音楽なども聞ける。 今日英語のコンテンツを見ていたら次のようなイベントを発見。 Ever seen a place on TV or on the web and wondered if it really looks like that? Ever had a city that you wish you could map out from the comfort of your home? The Run@Seoul campaign is a revolutionary campaign that will allow global netizens from across the world to do just that. A designated runner will travel through Seoul with an action camera on his/her body. The runner will live-broadcast everything that they see and experience while traveling Seoul. To make things even more fun and interactive, not only will people from all over the world be watching live, they will be giving the runners missions. This is an opportunity for anyone, from anywhere, to see a Seoul that they have never seen before. We hope that this is a fun, interactive way for the world to experience a new Seoul, together. The Run@Seoul week starts November 17th and ends on the 23rd. Before that, though, we invite you to learn a little more about this amazing opportunity at our official page: http://goo.gl/zViffG 要は韓国を走る(?)っていうか歩いている外国人に、コントローラーになってミッションを出すと、その外国人がミッションをクリアしてくれるというもの。 ライブで歩いている風景とか見えるけど、 日本人の男の子が頑張っている。 日本ではあまり知られていないイベントなのか、他の国籍の人たちに比べ応援が少なく寂しいので、 このカードを見る皆さんも是非参加してほしいところ。 韓国って日本より全然寒いのかな。映像を見ると今すぐでも雪が降りそうな寒い天気に見える。 この企画、芸人とかにやらせたら面白そうと思ったけど、そういえば似たような企画があったような。
「隣のイケメン」OST イ・ジョン-君だったらいいのに-
너였으면 좋겠어 나랑 웃어줄 사람 君だったらいいな 僕と笑ってくれる人 너였으면 좋겠어 같이 걸어줄 사람 君だったらいいな 一緒に歩んでくれる人 너였으면 좋겠어 늦은 저녁 돌아오는 길 君だったらいいな 夜遅くなった帰り道 뜨겁게 안아줄 날 위한 한 사람 熱く抱きしめてくれる 僕のための たったひとりの人が 말하고 나면 다 사라질까 봐 言ってしまえば 全てが壊れてしまいそうだ 아무도 모르게 늘 감춰왔던 말 誰にもバレないように ずっと隠してきた言葉 꼭 너였으면 좋겠어 넌 이런 내 맘 알고 있는지 本当に君だったらいいのに 君はこんな僕の心を知っているのかな 나 숨 쉬듯 감출 수 없는 사랑이니까 僕が息を吸うように 止めることのできない愛だから 돌아서는 지금도 널 놓지 못해 背を向ける今も 君を忘れられない 아프지만 난 너를 위해 이제 그만 안녕 つらいけど 僕は 君のためにもうサヨナラをしよう 할말이 또 너무 많은데 言いたいことも沢山あるけれど 말하지도 못하는 난 그리워 또 널 불러 言うこともできない僕は また恋しくなって君を呼ぶ 나였으면 좋겠어 지금 너의 곁에 그 사람… 僕だったらいいのに 今君の傍にいるその人が 돌아서는 지금도 널 놓지 못해 背を向ける今も 君を忘れられない 아프지만 난 너를 위해 이제 그만 안녕 つらいけど 僕は 君のため もうサヨナラをしよう 너를 위해 그만 안녕… 君のため もうサヨナラをしよう