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A loss against the worst team in the Western Conference (LA Lakers), wasn't going to let this year's Golden State Warriors team down. The Warriors got victory number 56 today against the Orlando Magic on home ground territory at Oracle Arena by beating them 119-113.

And Chef Curry?

Just check out the highlights video and you'll know. He went 1 for 10 in his 3-point attempts last game. Today, he scored 41. Oh, he also set a new NBA record. No big deal!

First NBA player to hit 300 three-pointers in a single season.

And remember, we still have a couple of games left this season. Congrats Steph Curry!
And yet, Charles Barkley still shits on Curry
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@DavidGom Yeah I don't get why all these retired NBA players are shitting on Curry and the Warriors
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And does Barkley have a ring? I don't think so.
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