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Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki are very, very much in love.

The duo ran a huge dairy farm as a young couple and raised two kids along the way. Then, their life was changed when Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight due to diabetes.
The active and social woman suddenly became depressed and spent more and more time indoors and alone.

Mr. Kuroki wasn't going to let that go on for long though!

After thinking of ways to make his loving wife smile again, he remembered the plants from his childhood home...the plants that smelled AMAZING.

From that day forward (two years ago) he worked to create a massive garden filled with deliciously scented flowers for his wife...but that's not all.

He knew that the garden would be gorgeous for people would could see as well, and invited people to visit so that his wife could become more social again.
Now, more than 7,000 people visit the Kuroki home in spring, to witness not only the beautiful flowers, but also to see the incredible couple that built the garden!

And guess what! Mrs. Kuroki is finally smiling again :)

All photos thanks to ModernMet!

What's the most romantic thing someone has done for you?

What about what romantic thing YOU did for someone!?

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Such a beautiful love story! So much love..... I can only dream on this day age that this kind of love still exists. ♡
nice :)
I tried to give my wife a night on the town more than once, take her out to eat, a movie, let the kids stay with their friends. it would have been great except she was like feeling guilty for not having the kids with us 😵 I never had anybody do the romance thing for me
@VeronicaArtino thanks for sharing this!! :D I think the most romantic thing I've done for someone is write them things. When my bf was gone for a month, I wrote him a letter every day he was gone, and gave them all to him when we saw each other again.
So cute! Not going to lie, this made me tear up. I want to experience a love similar to theirs. 😢