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Steph Curry wasn't the only one who set a new NBA record today. The whole team set several new NBA records after beating the Orlando Magic 119-113 today at Oracle Arena.

First off, they set a new NBA record of most consecutive home wins of 45 in a row!

That's right. They beat the 95/96 Chicago Bulls' record of 44 consecutive home wins.

Secondly, their 56-6 record is the best 62-game start in NBA history.

This also means they broke the 95/96 Chicago Bulls' record and are on track of breaking the record of most wins in a single season.

Congrats Golden State!

I guess the loss against Lakers didn't do much damage.
YESSSSS this is going to be a great year for the Bay Area!
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@DavidGom Wow that would be amazing if both GSW and Giants both win the whole thing
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