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Ji Jin-hee considers new drama
Another new show to add to that ever-growing list: SBS’s fall Monday-Tuesday drama looks like it might be A Warm Word, a drama full of mystery and scandal set among the lives of average couples. It’s evoking Desperate Housewives as a comparison and is courting Ji Jin-hee (The Great Seer) to star. And as an adulterous husband, no less. It’ll be a drama about families and a “dangerous love between a man and a woman.” If he signs on, Ji Jin-hee will headline as a man who outwardly seems to have the perfect life — happy family, success, and the perfect marriage. But one day he meets another woman and has a mid-life crisis and an affair. The drama will purportedly draw him in a sympathetic light, which is an uphill battle if I’ve ever heard of one. A Warm Word is angling for a September broadcast following Empire of Gold on SBS. Via enews24 _______ Congrats Jin Hee!! I like him quite a lot (he's very manly, come on), but the plot doesn't buy me yet. Especially when there are so many dramas coming out this later half. Anyway, we shall see!
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