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Jung Dae Hyun (B. A. P) Sing Big Bang "Loser"
Jun K (2PM) ↝No Love↜
Chen (Kim Jong Dae) EXO ↝Best Luck↜ KDrama OST...(Is okay, that's love) if you watch the Drama, you will love this!!)
Leo Jung Taek Woon (VIXX) ↝Please↜ I am unable to find Eng Sub on this.
V (BTS) wow such good singing... you sing just like Girl Generation!!!↝Party Time
Sorry for real here is V & JHope (BTS) ↝Hug me↜
I always save the Best for last!! Taeyang Young Bae (Big Bang) ↝Eye, Nose, Lip↜ Beside looking at him Shirtless. Please do concentrate on his voice!!! @kpopandkimchi
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I totally did not recognize Daehyun! I love his voice! XD