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love this song!!!!!!
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yup me too ^_^ the song is very perfect to me
5 years ago·Reply
is it jus me but the voices remind me of SHINee...which means exo pulls out quality kpop :)...luvin this song NEED CD NOW
5 years ago·Reply
@ZitlalitRodrigu I can't see the similarity yet! Jonghyun and Onew have quite unique voices to me ;)
5 years ago·Reply
@chasinghapiness...I was jus goong to correct myself...I felt like this song was mising jonghyun and minho...but the style of rap idk but I thought about key from SHINee....also I tend to refer to quality kpop when something makes me think of SHINee...also can u tell who's songing when?
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I mean missing onew
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