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I Dont sleep lol... OCD and ptsd and yada yada yada.... lol but When i do sleep... its for a very short amount of time... My thoughts constantly run laps in my mind. I used to sleep better. when i had someone next to me. Last few months though... eh not great But! i do find a way to rest myself regardless of what my brain wants. I find Music is my melatonin/Anxiety cure. So hopefully if you cant sleep or feel that your the only one up and nobody gets it. I do!
ps if you need anyone to talk to. I gotcha ^__^ You dont need to feel lonely Laters ✌
I have issues with sleep all time and it gets hard. I understand. Clearing your mind can't be easy. Here if you need any tips. I've found s few things that can work!
Your awesome I will!!! Thanks @DreesAgnolas
Thank you guys for the feed back :) @tess I am most definitely interested in learning some of your techniques. and @2distracted no problem! if you ever need someone to talk when you cant sleep. give me a holler :) your not alone :) thanks again :)
thank you for this cuz this is me and my nights are always spent with my good old friend Rumination usually neg. I do try music but if I'm stressed over some big its hard to get away from it! Its always good for me to know I'm not the only one!!!!