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Hey hey Would You Rathers!

The choice is yours:

Elaborate Wedding

It's the wedding of your dreams. Money is not a question. It's one day that you and your partner will never forget.

no honeymoon.

(just one nice day of rest after the wedding)


Elaborate Honeymoon

You and your partner can go anywhere in the world. Multi-city, a deserted island, a week in a penthouse apartment of the swankiest hotel.

no wedding.

(just signing a few papers at city hall)

Which would you choose?

I'm definitely on team honeymoon!

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Wedding. I think it (should be) is such a big day in your live that is the culmination of years of devotion and love and troubles and a myriad of emotions and experiences. Through all that, you've decided this is the person you want to spend the rest of your life with by bringing both families together and officially claiming each other as your own forever. You can vacation any time in your life, but you should only get married once, unless something happens and you're able to have another opportunity.
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@Arellano1052 very good point!!!!
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Definitely honeymoon. If I have to choose, I'd rather go with the one where can just enjoy each other's company. No family, no pretense, no drama. Just me, her, and a beach (hopefully a beach lol)
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Either or I'm indifferent as long as I'm with the person
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