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Guys I don't care if this is late or not....I had to post something about these dorks because they mean so much to me and without them I wouldn't be as happy as I am right now. Watch the video ahead, warning though it may cause tears even if you have already watched it. Let's see how far these boys have came from..Pre-debut to Today.

Rap Monster:

You are the faithful, hardworking and loyal leader of BTS. You are a great writer and composer who writes great songs. You have grown as a writer and composer and your talent knows no boundaries. You have succeeded as your role of being leader and I hope you continue to be your goofy self.


Also known as the mother of the group. You have to love Jin...I mean look at him..There's a reason why he's the visual. He makes sure the rest of the group is taken care of no matter what. His vocals and dance moves(?) has also improved as well


Your caring personality is something everyone can fall in love with.Along with your hard working attitude your vocals and dance moves are out of this world. Don't worry me you have all the jams you need :)


I really underestimated Suga when I got into BTS but that quickly changed as soon as I heard every song by BTS like his rapping skills were completly fire and so filled with meaning....I also found he wrote some of the BTS songs and that was when he became the bias wrecker.


BTS glowing hope that knows no boundaries. At some point and time J-hope has you made you laugh with his faces and dance moves. Without J-hope BTS would not be as happy. His rapping skills are also something that you need to look out for. Not to mention his dance skills are crazy.


His smile, his tongue(why is out when he that's young), his voice has only gotten brighter since predebut. This 4d alien landed in our hearts and has made us laugh so hard. His made BTS more relatable especially since most of us act like V from time to time.


You won't see any change until the last picture....Jungkook you have grown so much..To me you are still a baby trying to escape my arms but I'm not letting you go. You are so funny and your smile lightens up my day. Your voice is so pure and heavenly. You will forever be the Golden Maknae!!

Happy 1000 Day BTS & Army!!!!

Comment Your Favorite Quality Of Each Member!!!