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Hiii okay back again with another request
this is for @Jessicaacosta90 enjoy ;)


happy to take more requests if you enjoyed this one I made a GD one
and LR And Kai.
I do any type of fanfic To Shipping boyxboy idols or Imagines readerXidol.I Do Smut, Fluff, Kinky Comedy

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Jin dirty little secret and My Music Box; A RapMon x V x Jin story

Credit To The Own Of Photo MySelf lol!

"I hate you Jackson! I Hate You!" You cried out as you yanked off the necklace Jackson had given you for your birthday and throwing it to the floor. Your throat began to feel tight as you held back your cry. Jackson face express show not one single feeling of pain as He told you "it's over I don't want to see you ever again" it felt like someone rip your heart out and stabbed it over and over again before putting it back, you grabbed your coat as you Strom out of his place. "(Y/N)...please forgive me...I had to do it..Forgive me I'm nothing without you...I'm sorry (Y/N)...” Jackson said with a knot in his throat and tears rolling down his cheeks as he watched you get farther and farther away... but why did this happen? How could this have happen between the two of you? You have been best friends since High school but now all of that has changed. Ever since that one night, because of what happened that day you two can never be the same as before anymore But why did it all turn out this way weren't you two just smiling and laughing, embracing each other, telling each other sweet words into one another ear. So why are you crying so much? Why did you yell at him such hurtful words? Why are you walking in the pouring rain all it really over? Does he not love you anymore... Let us go back to that day that night when everything changed...

Two days Ago

It was a beautiful sunny morning, the birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, and why wouldn't it be. It is a special day today right, today is your birthday! So why wouldn't the day be a beautiful day right...Well wrong it was a dark and gloomy day no sun shine just pouring rain great... you sprung up from your bed as you a woke from a Loud thunderstorms, you sat up and rubbed your eyes still half asleep. uuggghhh why did it have to rain so much* you whined. You grab your phone to check the time but you notice you had 3 missed calls and 8 messages from Jackson.

Jackson: hey wake up I am almost there.
Jackson: Hey, couch potato Get up I'm outside.
Jackson: Lazy person open the door its cold outside.
Jackson: monkey Get up and open the door! Before I get mad and kick it open.
Jackson: (y/n) it's raining open the door I'm cold goddammit!

You jump out of bed and ran to the front door where you find Jackson, sitting down on the floor hugging his knees and drenched in rain.

"Wow your wet he-he" you laughed nervously. Jackson Stare at you with a mad look on his face

“well are you coming in or not it is cold out there" you said.
Jackson still looked pissed off as he got up and walked in to your small apartment

" Do you know how long I was out there?" Jackson complains

"How long?" you ask not really giving a fuck

"Long! Why didn't you wake up I called 3 times, we had plans today to remember"
He said angrily.

You had totally forgotten about it and over slept and even forgot to set up an alarm clock too. You looked at Jackson and felt bad for over sleeping, you did not intend to either it just you stayed up late to finish some paper work. You notice Jackson shaking and shivering.

"You want to go and take a warm bath, I have some of your clothes from high school, and you know when I borrow your P.E uniform when you let me borrow them because I had gotten wet on my way to school" you smiled,

you remember that day was the day when you had just met Jackson. it was a cold and rainy day too. Jackson shrugged his shoulder and nods his head yes.

"Sure, and I remember that day, it was your first day of school since you had just move in here, around that time right I remember, good time" Jackson smiled.

a few minutes later had pass and Jackson has came out the bathroom freshly showered. The water still dripping from his blonde hair and down his well-built chest and abs. you had never really look at Jackson before but today for some reason you did and you realize how sexy he looked. those masculine arms, those wide shoulders and his sexy looking back.
"Dang even his back looks good," you mumbled.

"What did you say?" Jackson asked you still drying his hair.

"Nothing why don't you have the shirt on?" you ask as you tried to avert your eyes from his yummy looking chest.

"It didn't fit so I just put on the sweat pants; it’s funny since all I have on are sweat pants" Jackson said cunningly, wiggling his hips.

"wait your not wearing any boxers?" you said with a shocked voice,
your face started turning a light pink as you looked down at his private and started thinking wrong.

“Hey perv my eyes are up here" Jackson Said with a teasing tone of voice.

You felt your body heat up as you imagined him naked and his large hands caressing your cheek and his cute lips kissing your neck softly. Jackson claps his hand together in front of your face snapping you out of your day dream.

"w-what...w-what...huh" you stuttered.

"Hey are you getting sick your face is turning red?" Jackson said concerned as he placed his hand on your forehead.

your body trembled, you gulped down your saliva and bit the side of your lip. Jackson looked you in the eyes and slightly lifts your chin up a bit as he leans in for a kiss. The feeling of his warm soft lips pressing against yours made you feel like you had butterfly in your stomach and like time had stop. When he pulled away your body felt light and hot. You pulled Jackson back in for another kiss that deepen. Jackson wraps his strong arms around your waist. He pulled in you close, pressing your body up against his. Jackson began to kiss you harder and rougher your teeth almost clicking. you pushed away gasping for air but Jackson took the opportunity to stick his tongue into your mouth and starts massages your tongue with his. The kissing got wet and sloppy as he intimately fucks your mouth with his tongue rolling them over each other. It made you want more, your body heated up within each kiss. Jackson lifted you over his lap and sat you on top of him as he sat on the floor leaning his back against the bed. You started to kiss around his neck and move down to his collarbone leaving marks. Jackson slides his hand up your shirt, unclipped your bra, removing your shirt and bra tossing them to the side. Jackson licks his lips as he looks at your deliciously nice breast. Jackson starts to lick the tip of your nipple and around it then he start to suck on one and rubs the tip of it with his finger. You let out a small moan as you raked your fingers through his wet blonde hair, Jackson moved his hands down to your ass and smack it before grabbing it, your breath hitched as he did that. You start to roll your hips a bit; grinding up against Jackson pelvic. Your clothing rubbing together creating friction, you press against him more. You could feel Jackson package poking you as you rubbed up and down getting yourself even more aroused.

"Jackson make me yours," you whispered, seductively into Jackson ear.

Jackson eyes burned with hunger as he tosses you on the bed. Nearly ripping off your pants and panties. Jackson lifted your legs open and started licking and delving his tongue in causing your back to arch up. You let out a Pleasuring moan repeatedly as your grip onto the bed sheets.

"Uh.....J-Jackson m-move j-Jacks-son" you pleaded,

Jackson smirk and separate your legs open even more holding them open as he started flicking the tip of his tongue against your clit.
Your body shudder every time he flick it the feeling was unbelievably amazing, you tried to close your legs but Jackson held them down as he continued licking your juice. your moans got loud, your breathing got faster as you gasped and groan.

"uh God it feels MMM AH...SO...MM UH AH....GOOD AW FUCK! UH JACKSON!" you growled,
as you grab his hair and began to grind your hips. Jackson hummed a moan

"I'm coming!" you cried out nearly close to your climax,
Jackson shove a finger into you causing your body to jolt and start to finger you

"wait! jaaack-s-son I'm gonna Uh" you stutter after every breath,

you look at Jackson to find him staring at you with such a sexy needy and lusting look, his eyes flared up with hunger, his eyes look liked eyes of a beast hunting his next victim. Jackson smirks as he notice your body jerk at every push his finger made. Jackson shove in two finger and rubbed them inside of you repeatedly, faster and harder. you could feel yourself getting wetter as you heard a weird squish wet noise. Jackson shoved three fingers in unexpectedly causing your back and hips to arch up. You groaned a lustful
sound of satisfaction.

"Jackson I can't anymore I'm cumin." you purred after every breath,
but Jackson did not stop he only went deeper and hard.

"I'M COMING!" you cried out

but before just as you were about to cum. Jackson shove his members deep inside of you and pound you repeatedly holding you by your legs.

"JACKSON NO STOP OH GOD FUCK UH!" you cried out desperately

"uh FUCK your super wet" Jackson grunted, his breathing getting heavily and deeper.

You began to roll your hips as he thrust in deeper. You tried to push Jackson off.

"I want to c-cum j-Jacks-son," you pleaded

"then cum for me.” Jackson teases pinning your wrist against the bed.

"uh fuck" Jackson moan,

as he started losing the rhythm and getting closer to reaching his climax but you knock him over and slam yourself down against him causing him to give out a pleasuring moan. You started to roll your hips slowly but Jackson grabbed you by your waist, guided your hips, and slammed you down to his member. Your breast bounces up and down as you were riding him. the view Jackson had was amazing as he watched you causing you to turn pink as he bit his lips

"I'm coming!" you holler,

Jackson lifted you up and slam you against the wall and fucked you rapidly both you and his moans united. You cursed a mixture of words and clawed your nails into Jackson shoulders. He began to kiss you as you both began to get closer to climax and slowed down his pace. he toss you into the bed and rammed you one last time before Cumming. Having you on all four as he rammed you hard causing your breast to bounce once more. Jackson held onto you by your waist as he slammed his pelvic against your ass making it jiggle.

"OH JACKSON HARDER" you begged wantonly.

Jackson following your order he rammed into you deeper until you screamed:

"oh god uh holy fucks ah uh Jackson oh fucking Jesus fucking Christ I’m Cumming" you yelped as you climated,

Jackson pulled out and Cum on you.You cleaned off and laid on his chest listening to his heartbeat. Both of you panting trying to catch your breath you look at each other and giggled.

"your amazing where you get this skills" you teased..Jackson smiled and ruffles your hair.

"I didn't know you where such a savage" Jackson said,
wrapping his arms around you. you giggle as you nuzzle your face into his neck as you both lay there all sweaty.

"(Y/N) I love you." Jackson said passionately as he looked in your eyes and kissed you on your forehead.

"I love you too." you respond, your heart pounding rapidly.

"oh yeah, hold on" Jackson said as he went and dig into his jackets pockets and pulls out a beautiful necklace.

" Happy birthday (Y/A) would you do me the honor and become my girl?" Jackson confess,

you squeal and jumped into his arms and kisses him sweetly then passionately. the kiss deepen he began to kiss you on the neck.

"Around two?" Jackson asks with a smile

“mhmm” you hummed happily.

UPDATE: okay guy i need a grammar check hope this help with understanding it. I am so sorry to the people who had to read it with all the mess up. i'm still working on my punctuation so go easily on me... lol i didn't changed anything or add to the story i just fix the words and stuff okay bye. thanks for working with me! and sticking by my side!
Thank you All for your support it's given me The confidence to continue My dream with writing storys and being myself. Love you guys ♡♡ (♡///♡).

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