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When I heard Key sing on YooHeeYeol's Sketchbook, I swear I died his voice I honestly didn't expect it because he raps more than sings. But this boy can sing there isn't anything he can't do he is so talented. His voice is very sweet to me I love it. And his English is so cute, I love hearing foreigners speak English it's cute.
I thought Jonghyun was a good vocalist, but when I heard him sing Million Roses I fell in love with him. His voice was so beautiful on that song I was just in complete awe of it. And then I heard Y Si Fuera Ella OMG OMG I couldn't handle the feels it gave me chills his voice in my opinion was made for that song. When he came out with his solo Crazy I thought I was eating chocolate (i'm a major chocoholic) his voice was so sexy again with the feels I mean damn.
The vocal line of BTS are amazing all of them are great singers, they have a perfect high and low pitch that blends well together and I love hearing them. My favorties though are Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung. Jimin's voice can hit those high notes like "DAMN", Jungkook is like a softer verison of Jimin's high pitch and Taehyung my god I'm a sucker for those deep sexy voices...
This movie Miss Granny was great, funny, cute, and the ending was my most favorite part. But this girl wow, I was amazed at how beautiful her voice was I fell in love with her too. I saw her in Tomorrow's Cantabile and thought she was good at being odd. Saw Miss Granny and yeah she's a female crush of mine.
FT Island, Lee HongGi, I swear there isn't anything he can't sing, he has a very unique voice and I love it. This song is one of the most beautiful songs he sings and I just melt everytime I hear it.
Taeyang's voice blew me away with Ears, Nose, Lips, and Eric Nam's English cover of this song before I saw the video I thought it was the same person their voices are close. (I think anyway)
There are so many talented vocals in the Kpop world, actually in the whole music industry but these are my favs. a few of them I could go on but yeah that would take a few cards....