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EXO‘s upcoming first studio album, “XOXO (Kiss & Hug),” became a hit even before its actual release. SM Entertainment revealed that the album has received 300,000 orders during its pre-sale and it’s a difficult number to achieve for even the most prominent singers in Korea. Pretty old news but it's DAEBAK! And I'm one of those that helped it reached 300,000. So proud of myself haha!
I love it can't wait <3
300,000 copies? That's awesome.. and EXO is a rookie even... congrats boys ^^
@saharjalpari9 I love the album too <3 Which song do you like the most? @chasinghapiness the most awesome rookie! :P
I gotta check it out and Def will but I love the teaser <3 <3
omg. i can't wait to have one.