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Watching movie was a way of getting through the tough decisions in life for me, and while entertaining on its own, the story of each character provided their tastes on being the rejects from the majority. I know because I was like them and have changed me.
Donnie Darko
While the directing wasn't top notch, given how this is a debut movie, there is a lot of angst going on in the story centering around Donnie and the strangeness he has with Frank and the girl he falls for. It's about laughing at others around you after you, yourself, have been laughed at for far too long.
Midnight Cowboy
A buddy film about someone working his way up to entertain folks, while another sees another an act of rebelling against entertaining.
The Visitor
Not all movies about outcasts can be young adults. Many of them are quite old, like Richard who has nothing left to do in life, except to help out an immigrant mother and her son who are illegally living in New York. The dullness is subsided with the act of playing drums, a noise loud enough to silence the noise of the boredom.
Falling down
Rage over the social majority is another emotion played out in this one when a man leaves his white collar job and decides to wreck havoc with fast-food employees, drug dealers, and what its like to play an antihero.
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
Objects can become best friends, and for a lonely barber looking to slice a bit of industry, and integrity on everyone is a hell of a show.
That's a movie I haven't seen. It sounds interesting though.
@Patmanmeow it's one of my favorites!! Depp does a really understated job in it
I'd add another Depp movie, Chocolat to this list! I think it's a bit about different kinds of outsiders. It's about the character Depp plays and how they've been isolated because of antiziganism, but I think it's also about how we distance ourselves until suddenly we're completely separated from everyone