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Bangtan Screenshot Game #7- 1000 Days With BTS (My Results)
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He is my first BTS bias so this makes sense to me. (Jin don't be mad)
I know how this happened, the question is: Which dance did we do to start this ship?
No, no, no! Stop trying to suck me back in!
I can't know this!
Awww! My squishy!
Wae!?!? Hobi why are you doing this to me?! Jin is never going to forgive this.
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Uh no Jhope and RapMon and Suga are mine thank you very much good bye lol jk
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uh oh Eomma gon get you 😂
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@jessicaacosta90 Oh I know it! I'm preparing for death
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@EliseB Lol 😂
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