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The poster just looks so good! It gives me chills. They are my favorites from White Christmas (Woobin too, but my obsession with Woobin is on a totally different level) and I can't be happier to see them team up once again. Especially when their images in the film are so different from what we usually see from them. The movie premiered last week and I'm kinda upset there isn't really news about it :( One thing I've heard though that it's really scary ^^ Can't wait to see it on my own. In case you haven't heard about the movie, check it out here
@winterlovesong Yes, I agree. It is underrated. I love finding the dramas that fly under the radar, especially ones as fascinating as this one. (^_^)
@YinofYang White Christmas is so underrated! It needs more recognition... the show was so good. And the question that it leaves us with - well. :)
Oh, my god! White Christmas is one drama that I don't ever hear other K-drama fans talk about. So nice to see something related to it. Niiiice! I really want to watch it, but I'm going to wait just a little while because I saw another horror movie last week.